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Validated sitting, standing, physical activity types, energy expenditure, and easy-to-understand reports for the research participants

Fibion is the only research device that has been validated to track accurately sitting, standing, physical activity types and energy expenditure. The tracked physical activity types are slow walking, brisk walking, cycling, and high-intensity activity.

Fibion has also been shown to be valid categorizing physical activity into light (LPA), moderate (MPA), and vigorous (VPA) intensity physical activity.

Advanced analysis algorithms and positioning of the device on the thigh instead of the waist or wrist gives considerably more accurate results especially related to sedentary behaviours and low-intensity physical activities.

In addition to scientific accuracy, Fibion provides automatically produced and easy-to-understand reports for research participants.


Fibion provides considerable advantages compared to other research solutions as it can accurately measure both sitting, standing and different intensities of activity.

Validated sitting and physical activity measurement
Validated light, moderate and vigorous physical activity measurement
Validated total and activity type specific energy expenditure estimation
Activity type recognition and posture allocation (sitting, standing, walking, cycling, high-intensity activity)
Easy and graphical feedback report to research participants
Continuous recording of up to 30 days with one charge
The device cannot be stopped by the research participant
Versatile wearing possibilities for the device

Download Whitepaper

To get a more detailed view of the energy estimation method used in the Fibion Research products, please download the following white paper:

"An Energy Expenditure Estimation Method based on Tri-Axial Accelerometry and Advanced Activity Type Classification".


References and Example Data

Fibion is the result of years of research and development and has proven its accuracy even in the most challenging validation protocols. Following links provide more information related to data formats, visualisations and validity.

Download Product Sheet

To get a more detailed view of the Fibion Research products, please download the product sheet.



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