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Use of Fibion Device and Software

To make sure that your Fibion Device is set up and ready for a new measurement, take a moment to verify it is fully charged (no red LED when connected to a computer) and the old measurement data is removed. This can be done by connecting the Device to a computer and running a Setup Script provided in the Fibion Device itself.

The Device functions as a USB Mass Storage Device (aka a USB stick) when connected to a computer. Use the included USB cable to connect the Device to a computer. The Setup Scripts for Windows (fibion-setup-win.bat) and Mac (fibion-setup-mac.command) can be found in the root folder of the Device. Double-click to run a Setup Script. Read more in the Fibion Demo Reports and Instructions for the Coach.

Problems with the Setup Script?

If you are having problems in running the script or starting the measurement, a recommended approach is to replace the Setup Scripts in the Device. Download the latest Setup Scripts for Win and Mac and unzip the package to the Device, overwriting any old files with similar names. Unzip the package, named, to the first folder (aka the root folder) of the Device. DO NOT FORMAT THE FIBION DEVICE AT ANY POINT.

Now, proceed to run the Setup Script specific to your computer, Win or Mac. In order to start a new measurement, you need to run a Setup Script that creates a CONFIG.TXT file and removes any old DATA.CSV file in the DAT folder. AFTER successfully running the Setup Script and removing your Device from the computer, the contents of your Device should look like the following, and nothing else:


Notice, new DATA.CSV and INFO.TXT files are being created automatically immediately after you have detached the Device from the computer. Do not store any personal or other files in the Device. They will get removed by the Device, and/or they risk the proper functioning of the Device.

Problems in making a new measurement and recording new data?

The most common reasons for a measurement to fail are the following:

  • Coach did not connect the Device to a computer and run the Setup Script before the measurement. This caused the internal Device memory to become full and not to able to store the data of the new measurement.
  • Coach did not connect the Device to a computer, and the Device battery was not re-charged. This caused the Device to drain the battery and to run out of power during the new measurement.
  • User did not wear the Device 8 hours per day, which is the minimum limit for a day to be considered and accepted as a measurement day. This means that the days under 8 hours are not selectable in the Fibion Upload page. Wearing the Device at least 8 hours per day during 7 consecutive days results into the most comprehensive Fibion Report.

Crucially, a successful measurement starts even before you have given the Device to a user. Preferably, remember to re-charge the Device and to run the Setup Script every time before a new measurement. Depending on the use, the internal storage of the Device will get full of data after 3-4 weeks of continuous use. The Device battery lasts for about 1,5 months without re-charging. The Device has an energy saving function when not in use, so the maximum valid usage time in regular everyday setting can vary between users. In some cases, the Device has recorded data even 5 weeks.

How long does the Device work without re-running the Setup Script again?

A fully charged Device without a data file safely records new data for 3 weeks. This means that the Device could record the activity of 7 days of three different users, presuming that the Device is passed on to the next user without days long interruptions. Then, the same data file can be uploaded three times to create three Fibion Reports by giving the varying information and the dates of the different users.

I have done everything according to the instructions, but I do not see reports online.

Fibion is under continuous development as we are constantly adding new features, implementing the newest in sedentary research, and improving the usability of our service. It is possible that some incompatibility issue has slipped through our testing. However, more common reason is that your browser, or the proxy server in your organisation, is still keeping an older version of some Fibion files in the cache memory. Please, clear the cache of your browser, and then try loading the Report page again. More information for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.

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