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Instructions: in this service you can start a new measurement as well as import data from your device and create a Fibion Report. At this stage, Chrome, Edge and Opera browsers on Windows and MacOS are supported. 1) First, plug a Fibion device into your computer and click 'CONNECT DEVICE'. A dialog will pop up. Select a device and click 'Connect'. If you have done this before, you maybe able to skip this step. A row indicating the device will appear. Multiple devices are supported. 2) To start a new measurement, click the 'START MEASUREMENT' button. Starting a new measurement will erase existing data from the device. A dialog will pop up to confirm this. As the text of the button changes to 'STARTED', you can eject the device and start wearing it. 3) To import the data from the device click the 'IMPORT DATA' button. As the data is imported, the text of the button changes to 'DONE'. Next, you're asked to select typical daily sleep hours to be discarded from the report (optional). Next, confirm the dates of the measurement in the calendar view further down. Next, fill in the additional background information of the measured person, such as age and weight. Next, specify a date after which the report will be made unavailable online. Next, click the 'CREATE REPORT' button, which starts the data analysis process. After the data analysis is succesfully done, a dialog will pop up, asking whether you'd like to erase the device at this stage. Finally, you are presented a popup that includes a link to your report. Report links are also sent to your email.

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